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The 8th International Conference on Social Science Methodology (RC33)

July 9th - 13th, 2012, Sydney, Australia

The RC33 conference is the major international forum for current and fundamental issues in social science methodology and since 1984 has attracted scholars from all over the world and from a diverse range of academic fields and disciplines.

RC33 organised the first International Conference on Social Science Methodology in Amsterdam in 1984. Subsequently, the conference has been held every four years:

1984, 1st – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

1988, 2nd – Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia

1992, 3rd – Trento, Italy

1996, 4th – Colchester, UK

2000, 5th – Cologne, Germany

2004, 6th – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008, 7th – Naples, Italy

2012, 8th – Sydney, Australia

The 2012 conference will be held at the University of Sydney.

The conference website provides information about the conference, including key dates and deadlines. You can sign up for regular updates and news about the conference on the website.

Note that the current call for session organisers closes 29 July 2011.

Conference website:


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