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We are now working on issue 108 of the "BMS", October 2010.

If you have any information or annoucements that you would like to have appear in that issue (recently published books or articles, call for papers, conference invitations, etc.), please email them to us immediately.

Remember that we have to constitute a backlog of accepted research articles to put up on the "BMS" Web site at Sage Publications, so please be on the lookout for interesting sociological methodology papers (in English or in French) that can be submitted to the "BMS".



* Karl M. van Meter                   BMS, Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique

*                Bulletin of Sociological Methodology)

* tel 33 (0)1 40 51 85 19   

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*                      free distribution list

* BMS-AIMS                            RC33, Research Committee Logic &

* 45 rue Linné                        Methodology of the International

* 75005 Paris, France                 Sociological Association (ISA)


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